Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hat Party

Maureen Fowler, Irene Locher, Donna Locher and Lorraine Henderson enjoy a crazy hat party in 1967.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Family wedding photo

Recognize these proud parents? Ann Schultz Tisdale and Vern (KHS '65) would love to have attended our class reunion but here's a photo of where they were that weekend - attending their daughter Tracy's wedding on the Cape. From left to right - Son Nathan, Vern, Ann, newlyweds Tracy and Josh Orr, oldest daugher Lindsay Forde, her husband Jarlath and their grandson William Vernon Forde. Congratulations Ann and we look forward to seeing you at our 45th.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Photos from Debbi Fuller

Barb Piper, Debbi Fuller & Karen Johnson
Barb Piper, Kathi Conwell, Karen Johnson
Tom Kling & Debby Kingsbury
Vickie Herrick
John Scobi
Tom Eaton & Bonnie Moore
Brian Coleman
Carol Faulkner & Susan Merritt
Gail Metzgar, Karen Johnson & Carol Faulkner
Tom Eaton & Bonnie Moore
Frank & Lois Cimmino
Jim & Gail Metzgar
Dining Room

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our 40th Reunion:Our reunion was a huge success -- a total of 66 classmates and 39 spouses and friends had a wonderful time on Saturday, August 11 at the Keene Country Club. Classmates came from all over (Sue Merritt came from Santa Cruz, California -- can anyone beat that?) and with lots of stories.The official class photo is available through Diane (email address at the left). We can post informal pictures if anyone has them.

40th Reunion Pictures

Dining Room
Decorated by Nancy Howard Coleman
The Tom Foolery Band
Bill Davis & Susan
Judy Waterman Alexander
Tom Eaton & Bonnie Moore
Gail Whitney Metzgar & Jim
Ed Silk & Susan
Mary-Helen Fleury Whitney
Kip Laurent
John Herrick & Vickie
Carol Orgaz Faulkner & Barry
Tom Perreault & Cheryl
Richard Betz & Penny
Barbara Yaeger Baird & Mac
Coleen Way Kossakoski & Alex
Susan Merritt
Ann Haggart
David Thomas & Linda
Gary Frost
Charles Osgood & Debra
Tom Scadova & Donna
Mary Ballou
John Scobi & Jane
Decky Durant
Ed Kingsbury
Bill Barrett & Deb
Tom Kling & Debby Kingsbury
Joan Shea Boufford & Ron
Mona Garland Walsh
James Miller
Jeanette Colby Millar
Theresa Cheever
Dave Bugler & Karen
Roger Goodnow & Beth
Alan Stevens & Terry
Gail Walter Tremblay & Tom
Suzanne Davis Jewell & Dexter
John Poliks
Bernie Hebert
Barry Fish & Leslie
Theresa Lamontagne Congdon & Tim
Linda Norcorss LaChapelle & Mitch
Jane Donovan Larocque
Norman Bemis & Sue
Ron Barcomb & Eveleen
Barbara Piper Ouellette
Betsty Sweeney Croteau & Paul
Ed Spoon & Deb
Karen Rokes Johnson & Winn
Ed Johnson
Glenn Colburn & Mayre
Ron Hope & Juanita Dearth Hope
Buzz Fletcher
Ed Lussier
Paula Duplissie Pinard & Bob
Lois Damiano Cimmino & Frank
Barbara Colony Watkins & Terry
Debbi Martin Fuller
Diane Conway Hitchcock
Kathi Hickey Conwell
Mary Brown Skiba
Rosemary Donovan
Linda Roy DiLuzio & Bob
Nancy Howard Coleman & Brian